24 Horses Killed in Kentucky Barn Fire

by: The Associated Press

June 20 2007 Article # 9828


A barn fire at an award-winning American Saddlebred farm in south-central Kentucky killed 24 horses, the owner said Wednesday.

Seven colts and 17 mares were in the barn at 3-T Farm in Allen County when the fire broke out Tuesday morning, said Paige Tabor, one of the owners. All but one of the horses were American Saddlebreds, she said.

“When you lose a barn full, it’s overwhelming, but you just pick yourself up and find a way to go on,” Tabor said. The farm has about 300 horses, she said.

A farm worker reported the fire, Tabor said. Investigators were trying to determine the cause of the blaze, Halifax Fire Chief Tim Shockley said.

Tabor’s husband, Randy Tabor, and his father won the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s Breeders Award in 2002. Randy Tabor died in an explosion while working on an oil tank at the farm last year.




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